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trust [truhst] - noun

1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

2. confident expectation of something; hope.

trust [trusht] - verb

1. believe in reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

All relationships are built on trust. As a couple moves into a new chapter of their lives with a marriage, that trust becomes more important than ever. On your wedding day, you too should be able to trust those that will be handling the details of your special occasion. You should be able to trust that everything will be in the right place, everything is flowing smoothly, your family and friends are entertained, and most importantly.....YOU are able to relax and enjoy every moment of it.

For over 22 years, couples in Northeast Indiana have trusted Dance N' Sound to provide the characteristics listed above for their wedding day. Not only have they trusted our staff with their special day, but they have also spoken. We are grateful that Dance N' Sound has been voted as best DJ in Ft. Wayne Newspapers Readers' Pick "Best Of" as well as Wedding Wire's "Couples Choice Award" for best DJ.

About Us

Dance N' Sound has been providing high quality DJ entertainment for Fort Wayne and surrounding areas since 1998. We are committed to first-rate professionalism with that personal touch for your next event. We specialize in music entertainment for weddings, parties, school dances, corporate events, fundraisers, etc.

We believe, that in order for Dance N' Sound to grow and be successful, we need to operate and entertain by a strong set of guiding principles. As our business grows and diversifies, our core values will serve to ensure that what we stand for as entertainers, and as a business, remains intact.

All DJ companies have similar ideas with regards to how their business operates and entertains, but Dance N' Sound sets itself apart from all others by the emphasis on personalizing your event and the unique approach to each and every event we work.

Our mission statement is the strong foundation, upon which we build your event....and our future.


Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing professional quality entertainment based on our integrity and experience. We make it our goal to create fun and exciting memories far exceeding expectations.

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