Daddy/Daughter Dance Special Message

Imagine the look on your father's face when he hears his little girl's pre-recorded special message playing during the Bride & Father Dance at your reception. Talk about an emotional moment for the two of you and your guests. This unique and personal event will clearly convey the love you have for your father during a very special moment.

We'll have you do the following:

  • Come to our office and record a special 20 second message to your father about a week before your wedding.  At this time, we will also have you record another message that is 1 minute in length for both of your parents.

  • During the Bride & Father Dance at your reception, we'll mix into the song the 20 second message for your father and your guests to hear.  Afterwards, we'll provide you a CD that has your message to your father, as well as the 1 minute message to your parents. You can then give this gift to your parents after the big event.


This is the perfect surprise for your reception and a heartfelt keepsake.

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